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Is your premise in an area that receives poor quality mobile phone reception? If your calls are constantly dropping out, or your phone tries to use WiFi calling that just doesn’t work, you may require one or more mobile signal boosters.

DSTM Communications has performed many installations of 3G & 4G mobile signal boosters for residents and businesses across Victoria. There are a number of different reasons why you might be experiencing poor 3G or 4G reception, giving you dropped phone calls, poor download speed, bad mobile phone battery life, and sometimes even missed calls entirely. With the current range of Cel Fi repeaters (boosters / amplifiers) available on the market, our expertise can guide you to finding the most appropriate solution for your specific situation.


If you think you are in need of better mobile phone reception, we can:
• Provide an onsite consultation
• Research your area online to provide a recommendation to install the optimal system for you
• Register your product(s) with the relevant telecommunications network(s)
• Once registration is approved, we are able to order the required parts
• As soon as parts have landed in our warehouse, we are ready to organise installation


Bear in mind that there are many things to consider when you are contemplating the purchase of a mobile signal booster (Cel Fi repeater), including:
• Do you want to boost the mobile reception on 3G or 4G, or both?
• Are you primarily looking to enhance reception for mobile phone calls or data downloads?
• What network(s) do you need to boost – particularly if you have your SIM card account with a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)?
• Do you need an external antenna to make the system work?
• If you need an external antenna, then do you need an omnidirectional, yagi, LPDA or different antenna?
• Is your antenna designed to utilise the latest technology to optimise your system, including MIMO and Carrier Aggregation?
• Do you need an internal antenna to make the system work?
• If you need an internal antenna, then do you need a panel antenna or a dome antenna?
• What cable type do I need to use to make sure there is enough signal at the booster/amplifier?
• Can I use splitters to distribute the reception to more than one part of the premise?
• Can I use combiners to design a more robust combined 3G and 4G amplification system?
• Will my mobile phone repeater work with my home or office fixed wireless internet modem?

Thankfully, DSTM Communications has performed many designs and installations of mobile signal booster systems. You will be in safe hands with our fully trained & experienced technicians, as well as our technical and administrative office staff.


DSTM Communications perform mobile signal booster installations for all types of customers. Whilst we have installed many systems for domestic applications in people’s homes or small offices, we are also able to design, supply, install and commission larger systems for development complexes or larger existing sites.